Please note: All grants for Middlesex County have been awarded at this time

For Small Businesses Located in Middlesex County, MA

About Main St. Matters

There is no doubt, small businesses are the heart of our communities. During these uncertain times, many of these businesses have faced financial challenges, and Better Business Bureau is here to help.

BBB Serving E. MA, ME, RI & VT is proud to launch Main St. Matters, a program that will offer emergency grants (does not need to be paid back) in the form of a $1,000 grant award for small businesses (1-20 employees) who have been financially impacted during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We know that Main St. businesses are the backbone of our economy. Their strong threads weave through our nation, tying communities together, and without them, we all suffer. It’s these businesses that have supported BBB services for over a century, so being able to give back in a time of crucial need is an honor.


Hear from BBB's Main St. Matters grant recipients and their story about their business.

BBB knows that main street businesses are the backbone of our economy and being able to give back is an honor.

Meet our sponsor

In order to keep the momentum going, BBB Serving E. MA, ME, RI & VT is seeking additional matching funds and sponsorships to continue with the expected demand of the program. To support this mission, please reach out to us at

Application Information

Applications will be reviewed on a monthly basis. If you are not awarded a grant one month, you may reapply. Please note, grants are nonrenewable and an eligible company may only be awarded one grant in total.

Better Business Bureau Serving E. MA, ME, RI & VT provides reasonable accommodation for individuals with disabilities in our Main St. Matters Grant application procedures. If you have any difficulty using our online system and you need an accommodation due to a disability, you may contact us about your interest in submitting an application for the Main St. Matters Grant program at or you can call us at 508-652-4888.

Please limit the use of this number for questions related to accommodations for a disability to make sure all those who need special assistance can be helped. For general questions please view our FAQs.


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